Interlog Group

Interlog Group is a multinational supply chain management logistics company that was founded in 1999 in Orleans, France.  They started this business was started to assist companies to respond to the market by giving solutions in the areas of in Freight Audit & Management and Freight Audit and Payment. This company has offices in France, the United States of America, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, India and China. Their business is consists of freight auditing, logistics management and software development. They have double expertise in the fields of transport and information processing, they translate, analyze and synthesize data in order to assist in making strategic decisions. They operate in the supply chain of their customers consist of many different industries in different areas such as food, consumer goods, distribution, luxury, banking, automotive, electronics, metallurgy, packaging, health, energy and textiles.








The origin of the company was to give solutions in the core of the supply chain to any industry. Their motto has always been that transportation is a growth vector for any business not a money absorber and that’s why they came up with Interlog Group. Since it all started in France, the way of operating was though the European market, that is why they made more complex accountings and not focused on payment. Just make sure everything in this paragraph is accurate information.

Their headquarters is in Orleans, France. This is a prefecture and commune located in North-Central France, about 111 kilometers (the US use miles so maybe just extract that part out?) southwest of Paris. Orleans is located on the Loire River, where the river curves south towards the Massif Central.  In 2015, the city had 114,644 inhabitants in 2015, and the urban area had a population of 433,337. An interesting information fact about Orleans is that Orleans, Ontario and New Orleans, Louisiana, are named after Orleans, France.