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[The Tech Moment] BioSafeLight, the French start-up that decontaminates Coca-Cola

BioSafeLight, an Orléans-based nugget founded in 2017, offers an alternative to the decontamination of opaque liquids. Its patented technology has already caught the attention of Coca-Cola, dairy, and other sectors such as oil and cosmetics.

Working for Coca-Cola and other international food giants, not many French SMEs can boast this. The French company BioSafeLight is one of them. Based in Orléans (Loiret) since 2017, it has developed an innovative solution for decontaminating opaque liquids thanks to the properties of light. We have known about the decontaminating power of UV light for more than 50 years," says Jean-Marie Mascarenhas, its CEO. But until now, the use of light did not allow us to break the DNA of cells in opaque liquids.

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