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Biosafelight Offers An Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable, Alternative For Food Decontamination

"The BioSafeLight technology has been duly validated by numerous tests in Barcelona and Marseille."

A company based in Orleans, France, Biosafelight handles the decontamination of soft drinks and almost all other opaque liquid (fresh fruit or vegetable juices, milk, iced teas, etc) thanks to an innovative and patented technology. One of the company's customers include Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP). "The BioSafeLight technology has been duly validated by numerous tests in Barcelona and Marseille. It has proven its ability to replace the more energy-intensive traditional sugar syrup treatments, in perfect harmony with CCEP's environmental objectives," explains Stephane Heckly, Senior Manager Process Technology Europe at CCEP.

Revolutionary Technology

BioSafeLight offers an innovative solution for decontaminating turbid UV-absorbing liquids such as sugar syrup and fresh juices. This patented, energy-efficient, non-invasive technology combines the use of ultraviolet light (UV-C) with turbulent liquid flow, allowing all parts of the liquid to be exposed to UV-C and receive an appropriate dose.

"This process represents an efficient and sustainable alternative to preservatives and heat treatments, which are much more energy-intensive. The microbiological quality of

the sugar syrup, like that of other cloudy or opaque liquids treated with BioSafeLight, is fully preserved and the product is nevertheless completely purified thanks to the germicidal wavelength of UV-C rays. This photo-decontamination is also effective against organisms that are often resistant to high temperatures (thermo-resistant or thermophilic) and spore-forming bacteria," says the press release.,373728

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