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Decontaminate Opaque Liquids with UV Light: An Innovation Born in Orléans

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

UV light decontamination on opaque liquids
Decontaminate Opaque Liquids with UV Light

BioSafeLight, a young company from Orléans, has invented a way to kill germs, even in the darkest liquids, using ultraviolet light.

BioSafeLight is an industrial means capable of killing or inactivating viruses, bacteria, molds, heat-resistant germs, etc., in agri-food liquids. This is done without using chemicals nor having to heat the liquids to a certain temperature.

Christophe Joveniaux and Jean-Marie Mascarenhas create BioSafeLight, a subsidiary of Interlog Group in Orléans, France, at the end of 2017.

BioSafeLight uses the well-known UV purification "that works well in water or transparent liquids". For more opaque liquids (for example, beet juice), the company couples the light, adjusted to a certain wavelength, with a turbulence process, causing the liquid to come in contact with the light.

Christophe Joveniaux has already sold/deployed 10 machines, which can range in price from €100,000 to €200,000 Euros each. The operation of the machines allows food manufacturers to expend much less electricity. According to our director, the process of using UV light to decontaminate helps keep fresh juices "raw" longer, "three weeks rather than three to five days normally, retaining vitamins and enzymes", without side effects and without preservatives.

BioSafeLight is working with reputable companies, such as Danone and Coca-Cola, which are testing this new technology in various places in the world or in the Loiret. They are testing it on sugar for soda, fruit and vegetable juices, or even blood plasma from pigs that are transformed into protein powder.

Wastewater Disinfecting

BioSafeLight can decontaminate liquid egg, wine, and milk. It can also be useful against the current pandemic. The process can be used to disinfect wastewater and hospital waste emissions. In Parisian hospitals, non-drinkable water contained traces of COVID-19. BioSafeLight technology decontaminates bacteria and viruses.

Before bottling the final product, the liquid circulates in stainless steel pipes, through turbulators, in contact with UV light sheathed in quartz. The process could treat 4,000-300,000 liters per hour.

According to Christophe Joveniaux (who directed Federal Mogul, in Orléans, at the start of the 2000s), the head of a dozen engineers and a microbiologist, the concept of using UV in opaque liquids, represents a patented, global innovation.

BioSafeLight has the parts manufactured mainly in Europe, according to its needs. The assembly, electrical wiring, and programming are done in a workshop located in Portugal. Although BioSafeLight is still in the start-up phase, the company intends, in the long term, to sell thousands of machines per year.

The well-known newspaper from the center region of France, La Republique du Centre, made an article about BioSafeLight, highlighting the innovation of our technology. We are the first company in the world able to disinfect opaque liquids with UV treatment. Our noninvasive procedure makes fresh fruit juice last from 3 weeks to 5 weeks in a perfect state, since the vitamins, enzymes, and organoleptic characteristics are uninterrupted.

The article also mentions the capability of BioSafeLight machines which are able to disinfect contaminated water, similar to the tap water in Paris with traces of COVID-19 due to hospital emissions.

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